Emma Watson at her 18th Birthday

Emma Watson celebrated her 18th birthday at 20th april 2008 with some close friends and family members. On 20th april, emma watson did not only turned 18 but she also became a million dollar girl. Now she has full access to her 20million dollars that she earned mainly through the harry potter series. Although her two best friends from the famous harry potter series were not there but she was accompanied with her new boyfriend Jay Barrymore. The biggest surprise came after the end of the night, when emma watson had an upskirt while entering her car to leave.

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Emma at her 18th birthday
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Happy Birthday Emma Watson


kingloopster said...

hope u had an awesome day emma!!
best of luck in the future

Anonymous said...

Hope you had an marvelous birthday em

Erogon said...

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Enjoy!!! She pretty sexy...

cwrexzyann said...

The cute young star of Harry Potter now turns 18!!! Happy Birthday Emma wish You all the best!:)